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The Jem Project
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Glamour! Glitter! Fashion! Fame!


The Jem Project is the first cosplay troupe ever to bring the magic of the hit 80's series "Jem: Truly Outrageous!" to life. Starting in Toronto, Ontario, they graced the stage with elaborate costumes, true to form props, and amazing singing of the classic songs. They took four awards at Toronto Trek's Masquerade competition in 2002; two in performance (Glitter and Gold Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits), one in costume creation, and one in prop creation. The Jem Project is now reinventing themselves and now have two groups; one in Canada and one now forming in Baltimore, MD.

Join us in the revival of the influential 80's animation Jem, and keep informed of any new developments in upcoming shows.